Golf, Cornhole and Okra Pickles

The title for this article is a bit quirky. What I am really writing about in this still-new year is that if you are actively living and experiencing new people and events, you can have some new “likes”, “dislikes”, and “never-again(s)!”

Due to college/career,adventures, and my Army Reserve obligations, I (and later with my husband) have lived in over 15 places for more than three months. We just moved again last year to Stono Ferry, SC; moving is definitely a joint never-again. However, the location for our last move was strategically chosen because my husband loves golf and plays and understands the game very well. One day I went with him to the practice range and after a few drives myself with great coaching, I was hooked. We now have an activity that we can enjoy together individually and as a couple as life allows.