Making Exercise a Top Priority

I have been out of the military for over sixteen years but one of the disciplines I still maintain is my dedication to regular exercise. I also entered the military as a multi-sport athlete so I have enjoyed athletic competition for a long time as well. Regardless, whatever love-hate relationship you have had with getting your body moving in the past, you should realize that regular exercise is crucial to your quality of life, most importantly as we approach our “golden years”

The only way your fitness will become and remain a priority is if you choose to make it so, even if you have never exercised at all. It may not be easy, but it’s possible, and most of all, it’s important to your health. The key is to develop a routine that complements your new lifestyle–here’s how you do it: read more

Self-Identity as a First Time Grandparent

We are now grandparents and I am struggling with my self-identity.

To clarify, I know how to be a:

  • Daughter and Sister
  • Soldier
  • Military Officer
  • Student
  • Wife
  • Mother
  • Manager
  • Volunteer
  • Business Owner
  • Veteran

To try to get some perspective, I started to reflect on the relationship I had with my only grandparent, my tough, German immigrant Nana. Living in New Jersey, my mother would take us on trips to see Nana in Wading River on Long Island, New York. When I was born my Nana was ten years older than I am now, so age was a factor.

I remember a lot of rules:

  • I could not get up early because she needed her “peace” in the morning with her coffee and bread and she wanted to be alone.
  • We had to finish everything on our plate. She was a great cook, but at times this nine-year-old could not stomach Swiss Chard which sent her into a tizzy.
  • We played a card game called Kings in the Corner, but if I won too many games, she would throw the cards down and storm off to bed. This would make the situation even more awkward because I had to sleep with her when I visited and I wasn’t allowed to untuck the blanket.

However, recently I discovered a lot of letters and cards she wrote back to me and she was supportive, loving and interested in my life. She was a tough, smart lady and later owned Mueller’s Deli in Wading River for many years. She was well-recognized in that area as a shrewd business person. read more