Planning For Digital Assets After Death

Recently, I wrote about my brother’s passing and factors related to processing death of a sibling as an adult. As my sister and I were discussing the article, the topics of what happens to accrued points and miles upon death as well as other digital accounts such as Facebook and Twitter came up.

Since I had no knowledge in this area, I researched these topics and I will present the most current information about digital asset management, according to South Carolina law.

Regarding how accrued points and miles are processed upon one’s death, it is best to query the individual hotel, airline or credit card because policies vary across the board, with some allowing transfer to a spouse but not to children (as in the case if mentioned in a will). A website I found helpful, the Points Guy, offers a lot of tips on how you can manage points and miles, to include gifting them to people and/or charities while you are still alive. It’s prudent to know what programs your spouse is involved in; a number of articles stated there are thousands of unused points due to death with a lot of value. (‘Til death do us part: Loyalty rewards don’t live on) read more

Become an Informed Citizen

A couple of years ago, I read an article encouraging readers to take the time to research and know the answers to a few basic questions about our local, state and federal governments. I have kept it in a box with my other “someday” projects.

However, the recent election cycle and the protests that ensued really encouraged me to get my house in order and be able to nail down answers to questions about my governments that are truly rather important. I have been fascinated by the various “interviews on the street” on TV of people, some of them protesters, who don’t even know what the issues are they are protesting about when asked. read more